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Comic Project - Time Travel Baby

TimeTraveBaby-Book Cover.jpg

2023-2024 (Ongoing)

Magret, who lived in a tiny apartment, encounters a woman in a swimsuit who emerges from the TV, self-proclaiming as the Time Travel Agent. The Time Travel Agent delivers a grave warning to Magret: if she continues living as she is, she will meet her demise. Determined to uncover the truth, they journey back to Magret's past, seeking answers to the mystery that surrounds her fate.

Now Available at Silver Sprocket and Other Comic Store!

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2019-2024 (Ongoing)

Will Goodman, a young doctor who is from a fictional country Tritannia has a trip with his new patient Nora Modius. Their destination is the City on the train-- “Railcage”. However, when they arrive at the train station, something weird starts to happen.

Railcage is an original indie Project that includes an RPG game and several comics. The project had its prototype in 2019. It uses RPG maker game engine and has a storyline based on the gaming system.

Game Project - Railcage (Ongoing)

1 PAGE Horror Comic Collection


Now Available at Silver Sprocket and Other Comic Store!


1-page horror comic collection is an individual project of single-page comics surrounded by the horror topic. The creator of this comic is trying to use image and design skills to test the boundary of fear and narration. 1-page is an efficient narrative media that shows the story by itself. 

Comic Project - The Possession


Now Available at Silver Sprocket and Other Comic Store!

Ben goes back to the village where he has grown up. Everything seems familiar, except his cousin is possessed by a devil—that’s what his aunt and uncle tell him. In the night, the devil comes to the garden…

The Possession is a black-and-white comic that uses manga style, and it is an LGBTQ romance short story influenced by Dracula and other Victorian-style horrors.

Graphic Design Works Collection


Sharon et Yoshi constantly accept Graphic Design Commission and other commissions. They love to explore and learn through the design process through communication. Graphic Design is a tool for communicating what they believe.

Comic Works - Circus Mermaid

CircusMermaid 2nd cover.jpg

Now Available at Silver Sprocket and Other Comic Store!


Louis and her mermaid partner Chelsea the star magician of their circus. However, their relationship starts to have some problems because of a man called Wolfgang.

Circus Mermaid is an LGBTQ horror comic that is based on a black-and-white manga style. It is a short story that discusses escapism in sexuality conversation and the “gaze” between females. It belongs to the Lesbian horror comic collection series.

標題 3

Illustration Works - the Skeleton Army

2019 - 2020

Skeleton Army is a series of DND character illustration commissions. The characters are based on JiaLin’s DND campaign zine The Scarlet Meteor. Each character are design and drawn to follow their life path and settings

Comic Works - Until the Day We Die



Now Available at Silver Sprocket and Other Comic Store!

Dana and Aria’s spaceship crashes into an unknown satellite. They only have 24 hours left in their lives. What will they do in the last 24 hours?

Until the Day we die is an LGBTQ romance sci-fi short story that talks about despair, death, and love. It is done in black and white manga style in Clipstudio.

Comic Works - Ghost in the Classroom


Now Available at Silver Sprocket and Other Comic Store!


Ghost in The Classroom is a short story that is silent from the beginning to the end. It is a 16 pages black-and-white manga.

Sharon et Yoshi was taking an art experiment in this project, they want to explore the atmosphere and storytelling through the process of making comics.

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